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About Us

CHENNAI TIMBER & PLYWOOD MERCHANTS ASSOCIATIONOur Association was incorporated and Registered vide Registration No. S.12 in the year 1947-1948.  Originally the name of our Association was Madras Retail Timber Merchants Association and had commenced business from 24th July 1947 onwards with the following Seven Founder Members to create and encourage friendly environment and unity among the merchants engaged in the retail timber trade in the District of Madras as well as around the City of Chennai. Later the association was renamed as Chennai Timber and plywood Merchants’ Association. The Seven Founder Members names are being given below :-

Founder Member
Mr. N.V. Abdulla Sahib
( )
Founder Member
Mr. T.M. Oosmon Hajee
( )
Founder Member
Mr. C. Rajagopalachariar
( )
Founder Member
Mr. N. Nallathambi Mudaliar
( )
Founder Member
Mr. P. Duraisamy Mudaliar
( )
Mr. R. Govindarajalu Naidu
( )
Mr. P. Shanmuga Mudaliar
( )

The First President, Secretary and Treasurer of our Association were Mr. N.V. Abdulla Sahib, Mr. A. Ramasamy Thevar and Mr. N.M.K. Rangiah Chettiar respectively.

In due course of time, when Plywood became a common commodity in the Industry, the Plywood Merchants also expressed to become a part of our Association and latter-on the name of the Assocaiton was changed to Chennai Timber & Plywood Merchants Association with the acceptance at  Annual General Body Meeting.

The oldest Firm in our Association was M/s. V.M. Raghavalu Naidu & Sons.  It was more than 110 years old and were the major player in Burma Teak and were the major imports of Burma Teak from  Burma  through  Madras and  Masulipattinam  Ports.  It is a matter of pride that in recognition of their services,  a road is still named by Mr. V.M. Raghavalu Naidu in Burma.

Before the Independence of our Country, the Timber logs were cut into sizes by ancient method with a pit, a Man above and a Man below.  In 1946, Mr. Karamshi Patel of M/s. K.S. Patel & Company from Kutch , Gujarat (Now known as Patel Timber Depot) arrived at Madras and erected a First Electrical Saw Mill which happens to be the First Saw Mill of Tamil Nadu.


  1. To take all steps which may be necessary for promoting, supporting or opposing legalization and local regulations, affecting the aforesaid interests by the Government or any Department thereof or by any local body or bodies and in general to take the initiative to secure the welfare of the business community in all respects.
  2. To look after the interests and solve the practical difficulties faced by the importers of Timber logs / Sawn Timber, through the Port of Chennai and to make necessary representations before the Central / State / Chennai Port Authorities and the Shipping & Steamer Agencies, so as to facilitate easy import of Timber / Logs / Sawn Timber, Timber related items and to clear the same without any bottlenecks.
  3. To make secure representations in or to local Central or Imperial Authorities or Bodies Executive or Legislative or any matter affecting the trade or for the best interests of commerce.
  4. To discuss matters relating to the Wholesale and Retail Trade in Timber in the District of Chennai as well as the City of Chennai for diffusion of useful knowledge to maintain Reading Room for the use of Members of the Association.
  5. To maintain uniformity in the rules, regulations and usages of the Trade in Chennai.
  6. To acquire by purchase lease or otherwise lands and buildings and all other property movable or immovable which the Association for the purpose thereof may from time to time, think proper to acquire.
  7. To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease or let, under lease or subject mortgage, dispose of turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Association.
  8. To construct upon any premises acquired for the Association of any building or buildings for the purposes of Association and to after, add to or remove any such buildings.

The growth of our Association is entirely due to the hard work, meticulous service coupled with sustained efforts of the Office bearers with the unstinted co-operation of all the Members.  In the last 66 years, the Members strength has grown from mere Seven in 1947 to more than 837 Members in 2015, in which more than 100 Members are Importers in our Association and 149 as Life Members.  From the above, it is understood that it shows the unity and strength of the Timber and Plywood Merchants in Chennai.  Today the Membership of this Association is truely cosmopolitan and versatile and cherished that we are non sectarian and national in the form of National integration in all spheres.

We are also remembering the good services rendered by Mr. K.P. Chandra Rao, Mr. Momooty, Mr. Ramachandran, Mr. Uma Maheshwar Rao, Mr. M.S. Pattabiraman, Mr. V.V. Rao, Mr. Kantha Rao, Mr. T. Subba Rao, Mr. Lalchand Agarwal, Mr. C.R. Raja, Mr. Khimji Patel, Mr. Pandian, Mr. Paneerselvam, Mr Gopal Shah and Mr. Subbiah for their Extra-ordinary efforts for the upliftment of the Association.

Our Association’s Silver Jubilee was celebrated during the year 1973 and the Chief Guest was Shri K.K.Shah, Governor of Tamil Nadu, who also inaugurated the celebrations.  The President of India, Shir  V.V. Giri and Mr. C. Subramani, (The Union Minister of Industrial Development and Science & Technology) bestowed their greetings and good wishes to the Members of Association on this happy occasion.  The Golden Jubilee of the Association was celebrated during the year 1997 at Kamarajar Arangam and the then Chennai Mayor, Thiru M.K. Stalin kindly consented to be the Chief Guest.  The Diamond Jubilee was celebrated on 23rd September 2007  at Image Auditorium and the then  Honourable Minister of Commercial Taxes, Thiru S.N.M. Ubayadullah was the Chief Guest.

By this time it may look with legitimate pride that during these years, Association had steered clear of many difficult situation and it is quite appropriate that we look in retrospect over our Performance and Achievements.


  1. I) Cordial labour relations and solving the problems :

In a free society, by and large, human emotions require to be given opportunity to express themsevles in a peaceful manner and hence work stoppage and the like are inevitable.  In the context of developmental needs and social urgencies, the labour leaders have got a greater role to pay in inculcating in the workers a sense of participation and identification with the Industry and the Country economically and emotionally and thus evolve a strong representative and performing labour movement as a necessary pillar to the democratic society.

With the sustained co-operation of the members in handling the labour problems expeditiously with humane approach in getting minimum wages for Timber Industry our distinguished member, Mr. T. Kuppusamy was inducted as a member representing the management side on the Committee Meeting which was formed on the State Government. After elaborate discussions at various stage and after careful scrutiny of various proceedings & recommendations, the Government published their acceptance for minimum wages with effect from 08.11.1972 for the Timber Industry & Saw Mills have resulted in still higher emoluments and given a proper place to the labours in any Industrial activities because the labour force is a potential factor which cannot be brushed aside.

II) Representations to the Railways and Fruitful Achievements :

On the side of amenities to Rail users, we requested the concerned Govenment Departments for providing the First Aid Box, Canteen, Drinking Water for all the merchants shed at Korukkupet Goods Terminal.  In a phased manner, these roads were attended to, and similarly at Salt Quarters Clearing Agents Room, pucca road to the open wharf siding alongwith good canteen was also implemented by the Railways based on our repeated representations at all levels.

III)  Our approach in Sales Tax Issue :

Our plea towards Uniform Tax Law and Tax Levy in different States particularly in respect of goods which command Inter-State sales was also accepted by the Government of Authorities. Further as suggested towards the uniformity of Tax Rate at least in Southern States also was accepted to the certain extent.  Moreover, we also represented our Timber Merchants issue of collecting lot Cooly to the concerned Sales   Tax Authorities for not having added in the sales figures.  After having petition filed in the High Court and the Judgement received on 28-10-1968, it was dropped and after that the Commercial Tax Department never charged the same with the sales.

The good offices and the effective assistance rendered by our Council, Mr. K.J. Chandran to our members from the stage of first Writ Petition upto the last Revision Petition is highly commendable. The same view is confirmed  by  the Supreme Court in the appeal also.

IV) Matric Measuring Sytem :

The Association on its part to pay in bringing out handy reference in 1963 to be useful for the Timber Traders during the transitional period.  Various representations were also made to the Controller of Weights and Measures of the State Government and was good enough to allow the tolerance period of adoption of the new system upto 31-03-1968 and it was widely appreciated. The Association also issued various circulars to all the members about the measures being taken from old to new Metric Measuring Systems.

V) Usage of Timber and its Role :

Timber plays a vital role in the economy of the Country projecting its ever growing utility and variety of uses.  There are more than 4000 species in our Country.  The Forest Research Institute at Dehradun provide many improved techniques about the usage and development of Timber and Species to Timber Traders throughout the India.  India     posses 6.95 lacs Sq. Km. of Forest measuring 22% of Country’s geographical area whereas, the Tamil Nadu shows that out of total geographical area of more than 50,000 Sq. Miles and the land under Forest constitutes 17%.

VI) Services to the Members :

Our Association is also rendering its good services in the following manner :

  1. SPORTS :

Our Association is conducting Sports Events every year in Cricket, Badminton, Carrom & Chess and distributing prizes to the Winners & Runners in each category.  All our members are very much enthusiastic and shown interest and participated in huge numbers.


We are giving utmost importance for Education to all our Members’ and Employees’ Children for their higher studies.  We are collecting Education Fund from our members and it has been sponsoring to the meritorious students of our Timber Merchants’ and   their employees’ children.  It is for encouraging awareness of Education among all types of society.



Our Association rendering good services to all our members providing Centrex facilities through Airtel, Touchtel and BSNL for the past six years.


The Association has shown its much more interest to make and publish the Directory  to   the Members of Association.  To that effect, after collecting the full details from the members of Association (like address, advertisement of their Firm, E-mail Address, Phone No., Individual Photo, etc.) the Directory was designed and disclosed during 2015 and issued among the members.


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